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Bad Reviews 08/16/2013
almost 2 hours and cold food. Chris, ordered 63 times
Bad Reviews 05/24/2013
I always tip this place 15%, but we forgot to hit the button one time, and the delivery guy was like... what about me, did you forget me???? Yep, I did, and perhaps it was a good thing, cause you guys have screwed up my order a bunch of times, and took more than 2 hours one time. You know how to anger your regulars!! Maxwell, ordered 39 times
Bad Reviews 03/06/2013
food was cold. Anthony, ordered 116 times
Ok Reviews 12/23/2012
$5 delivery fee. Not worth it. melissa, ordered 27 times
Bad Reviews 07/11/2012
I've ordered from this place on a few separate occasions and the last time was absolutely horrible. I ordered 2 separate orders of the Chicken Kabab with Veggies, was charged for two orders, only received one. When I called the restaurant, I spoke with a woman who said she'd rectify the situation by sending a driver with a gift card to cover the cost of one of the entrees I didn't receive. I called back 30 minutes later and the same woman said, "We'll just send you a gift card in the mail". I confirmed she had my address yet never sent out the card. Plain and simple I was ripped off and lied to. I'd NEVER do business with this place and would recommend everyone else to exercise caution when doing business with this place. Lying and ripping off your customers isn't a good way to keep business. Dario, ordered 167 times
Great Reviews 02/20/2012
I love there chicken kebabs! And there hummas w/ pita... Yum!! Diana, ordered 28 times
Ok Reviews 07/12/2011
Far too expensive. Susan, ordered 75 times
Great Reviews 12/07/2009
Very good spot for middle eastern food. i got the trout and it had nice seasoning. the hummus itself needs garlic but i guess it works for the american palet. id eat there again. alan, ordered 65 times
Great Reviews 05/06/2009
Great alternative to pizza and Chinese delivery. heavy use of onions as garnish/pickles, but all very tasty. Ann, ordered 33 times
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Yelp's Reviews 867 reviews
The place was nice along with the staff. We ordered a chicken shawarma It was good but it needs a bit more taste so we used the sauces to make it as we... read more...
Posted by Y A. on

I've came here for about 4 years with my parents because let's face it, they have good food. But their customer service really sucks. I say this because at... read more...
Posted by Eleanor I. on

The worst customer service ever! The food is average, but the service is way below. I would never recommend going there. There are many good meditation... read more...
Posted by Alex G. on